Your body has an innate ability to heal.

When this ability becomes compromised, naturopathic doctors work to enhance or restore health through diet, exercise, lifestyle changes and, when necessary, pharmaceuticals.

You deserve a doctor who will help you meet your goals.

Like a medical doctor, a naturopath (ND) is state-licensed and graduates from a four-year program. Naturopaths are trained in both conventional and alternative medicine, so they have unique tools to guide you to optimal health. As a primary care doctor, I perform physical exams, order labs and diagnostic tests, and prescribe both natural and conventional therapies. I focus on prevention and solutions that treat the cause – solutions that last.

I can help you get there.

Understanding your body and how to support its healing process is empowering. It takes a doctor who will listen and see you as an individual. It’s rewarding to be a part of this process, when understanding translates into action, putting patients on the road to lifelong health.

Let’s get started!

I practice at the Alaska Center for Natural Medicine, located at 3039 Davis Road in Fairbanks, Alaska. Call 907-452-3600 to schedule an appointment. I look forward to meeting you!